About DMG

  • DMG (previously known as R&A design team) is a leading electromechanical consulting engineering group; it’s headquartering in Cairo, Egypt.
  • DMG is Specialized in Design, workshop drawing, supervision and value engineering for all electrical & mechanical systems.
  • DMG has a huge projects portfolio including office buildings, hotels, industrial and residential buildings.
  • DMG assure proper coordination between building and services through expert teams working in the divisions; Power & low current, air conditioning, ventilation, fire-fighting and plumbing.
  • DMG is using all the latest advanced technology to insure stability and reliability systems to its costumers all around the world.
  • With DMG founders Ragai Ramzy and Adel Sedky 30 years of international experience in the design and project management fields & more than 100 chosen engineers of youth talents, We are ready to serve our customers all over the globe with the quality they deserve.
  • One Team, One Goal, “Support with Value”…