• Electrical

    Power is the main concern now all around the world, DMG understands its role, Electrical consultation is not just design and drawing work-shop drawings, But with our experience and knowledge, Value Engineering is part of our duty to the world we live in…

  • Mechanical

    Mechanical Consultation (with HVAC and Fire-Fighting) is the backbone of any modern building; DMG offers the latest technologies considering efficient energy consumption and Green building solutions.

  • Plumbing

    Plumbing is a very important part of DMG’s technical support. Water distribution and heating with efficient energy consumption is not an option these days, DMG modern highly efficient solutions are already implemented.


DMG is a qualified consultant office specialized in Electro-Mechanical and Plumbing services, Expertise in large projects, with a huge portfolio of success and support to many costumers all around the world.


Areas Covered By Our Services
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92 Selected ProjectsWith Electrical Services  
79 Selected ProjectsWith Mechanical Services   One GoalCustomer Satisfaction
79 Selected ProjectsWith Plumbing Services   One Belief"Support with Value"